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& the paper Flowers

We met through friends and open mics 🖤

Redd Daugherty began as a solo artist during the 2020 pandemic, while teaching high school English at L&N STEM Academy in Knoxville, TN. During this time, she appeared on Season 19 of American Idol; released her first, solo album Monsters & Mothersquit teaching to pursue music full time; and began working alongside her mentor and close friend, Adam Ivy.

Redd met members Gavin Gregg, Katie Adams, and Colleen d'Alelio through friends and at open mics. The group quickly realized they had similar goals and began making and playing music together almost immediately. Founding members of the band Redd and Gavin, recognize and owe initial success to former bassist Will Ross. 

The group landed on the band name Redd & the Paper Flowers as Redd still releases solo music. The group is extremely excited to release their first collaborative album in 2023. 



Lead Singer | Rhythm Guitar

Redd is a Knoxville native and former high school English teacher and track / XC coach.

In 2021 Redd's students pushed her to audition for American Idol, and she placed Top 40. She is now working alongside Gavin, Katie, and Colleen to make music her full time gig. 

She also owns and operates Rush's Music


Gavin Gregg

Mandolin Player | Lead Vocals | Backup Vocals

Gavin's most recent obsession is his mandocello (we'll get photos soon!), but he mainly plays mandolin. Gavin hates being in the spotlight, so most of the band footage is Gavin behind the camera. He also sings lead and backup vocals for the band, and Gavin's knowledge of song writing and composition takes the band's lyrics to a new level.

Gavin works alongside Katie and Redd at Rush's Music as an apprentice woodwind repair tech.

P.S. We have to keep Katie and Gavin separated.


Katie Adams

Upright Bassist | Bassist | Backup Vocals

We have to keep Katie and Gavin separated.


Katie + Gavin = the goofiest of goofballs with dad jokes galore and musical antics that don't even make sense to the most accomplished of musicians. 

In other news, Katie is our unicorn bassist. She is also an instructor at ETSU. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Katie traveled to central New York to receive her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Ithaca College. She moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, where she earned a Master of Music in Music Education from the University of Tennessee. In addition to teaching and playing in the band, she is part of many projects in the Knoxville music community and works alongside Redd and Gavin at Rush's Music. 

Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 10.06.44 AM.png

Colleen d'Alelio

Cellist | Lead Vocals | Backup Vocals

Colleen and Redd pride themselves on keeping band practice on track when the dad jokes ensue between Katie and Gavin.

While Colleen is the cellist and backup/lead vocalist for Redd, she is a singer, songwriter in her own right. She performs and records under the name "Stranger May."She studied music and writing at Ithaca College, and draws influence from a broad range of styles, including: Coffeehouse, R&B, Jazz, and Indie Pop. Please check out Stranger May's links!


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